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Striving to make a difference in people’s lives and in the world, we’re far from finished… or perfect.

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Recent News & Announcements

  • Philly Schools To Open on Time, on Promise of Cigarette Tax, And With Further Cuts

    Superintendent Hite has share the school districts plans for the coming year in Open Letter from Superintendent Hite – Aug 15 2014 School will open on Sept. 8 as scheduled. The District is still waiting for the promised cigarette tax to close the $81 million budget shortfall. Further cuts are being made to the schools [...]

  • Give a Little: preparations for the incoming YASC Community Ministers

    One of the key components to the Young Adult Service Community (YASC) experience is that the participants engage in intentional community. One way that we encourage them to share time is with community meals, eating together. Upon arrival we would like to present them with a SuperFresh gift card. It will help cover the first [...]

  • Welcome Tim and Clara with Food

    It’s time to start planning the Orientation and Welcome Activities for the incoming YASC Community Ministers. Clara and Tim will start their orientation to Old First on September 7th with a warm welcome in worship! Afterward, we’ll all head out tubing – don’t forget YOU’RE INVITED! For the following week the Community Ministers will be [...]

  • Introducing Clara and Tim (the ’14 – ’15 Y.A.S.C. Community Ministers)

    Clara S. and Tim K. will join us at Old First in early September as our Young Adult Service Community interns — we call them Community Ministers — for the coming program year. Clara will be working with Bethesda Project and Tim will be serving as our Outreach Coordinator. Look for news of activities to [...]

  • Help us Make the Y.oung A.dult S.ervice C.ommunity Feel at Home

    In just four weeks we will welcome Clara and Tim, the 2nd year of Young Adult Service Community interns (we call them Community Ministers). Look for their self-introductions here on the website in the next week or so. In preparation for their arrival, we have taken stock of the needs for the apartment that Margaret, [...]

  • Meet Larissa Who’s Volunteering at Church until Sept. 18

    I am Larissa, a 20 year old from Bielefeld, Germany. I originally came from a really small village near Bielefeld, and even Bielefeld is still kind of small, so now I face by first adventure in a really large city. So far, Kayla already took me to a super awesome musical festival in Camden, and [...]