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A congregation evolving intentionally to serve more people.

Striving to make a difference in people’s lives and in the world, we’re far from finished… or perfect.

Join us on the journey: we can help each other along.

Recent News & Announcements

  • ADULT FORUM-Lenten Bible Study with Bob Robinson starts Sunday (11.30 @ 10 am)

    Advent does not look backward toward the past but asks us to see Jesus coming in this moment, in our lives now.  Throughprophecy and the reflection of apostles, in the stories of Jesus’ birth and life, we are introduced to the one who is coming among us. The Adult Forum during Advent offers opportunity to [...]

  • Historic St. George’s Christmas Musical Benefits Old First’s Men Shelter (12.07 @ 3:30 pm)

    The 34th Annual Christmas Musical at Historic St. George’s United Methodist Church (235 N. Fourth Street, Philadelphia) will benefit our men’s shelter.  Organist Dominic Silla is joined by the Temple University Singers, Mitos Andaya, conductor; John Lionarons on dulcimer,  Sister City Girls Chorus,Alysia Lee, conductor; The Martin Family Band (celtic); and the Hickory brass. Mark [...]

  • Greening the Sanctuary & Choir Rehearsal, Sat., 11.29, 7 pm & 8 pm

    This Sat., 11.29 we hang the Christmas greens and we put up the Christmas trees. And we set up the Advent wreath too. This is the period of waiting on the way to Christmas begins.  We will gather in the Sanctuary at 7 p.m. Sarah Sherr is heading the evening up for us. If we [...]

  • The Creche Ministry

    With just 20 days until the animals arrive, I want to share with you the timeline and upcoming events for this year’s Creche Ministry. It is after all, the single occasion of our most visits annually, followed only by Sunday mornings. The crèche will be constructed on Nov 29th. If you are interested in helping [...]

  • Our Children Are Worth More. We Can’t Wait Any Longer!

    Hannah made an announcement before worship on Sunday, Nov. 16 that POWER was planning some direct actions this week, on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Philadelphia hearings of the Basic Education Funding Commission. Michael starting getting questions. What was going to happen? And why? Who was going to be involved? What response might be expected? [...]

  • A Thank You Card to Old First from Emanuel United Church of Christ