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Welcome to Old First

A congregation evolving intentionally to serve more people.

Striving to make a difference in people’s lives and in the world, we’re far from finished… or perfect.

Join us on the journey: we can help each other along.

Recent News & Announcements

  • Join Us to Welcome our Shelter Neighbors at the Opening Shelter Meal, 11.01

    Dear Old First, As you know our Winter Shelter is just weeks away! As is customary, the Outreach SLG and OFers lke yourself come together to welcome our shelter guests with an opening dinner. The opening dinner is especially exciting for me as it’s the start to my first shelter season. Importantly it’s also an [...]

  • Creche’ Ministry Team this Sunday, 10.23, after worship.

    Creche Ministry Team meeting this Sunday, immediately after worship. It looks like we will only have the animals for a short 10 day stay this year. How can we make the most of their short visit? Someone even suggsted live steaming the Creche’ corral. Come out and help us make the most of this ministry [...]

  • Help Us (and other POWER congregations)Turn out the Vote

    Together, POWER congregations have registered just over 1,500 voters. Old First volunteers registered 44 of these voters. Now we want to make sure they and their neighbors go to the polls on Nov 8. Between now and election day, POWER has created a plan to talk to 15,000 people to see if they are ready [...]

  • Intro. to a New Way of Looking at our Faith Gets Started

    “Jesus the Forgiving Victim” subtitled, “You are loved far more than you know: a way of understanding your faith (and its wonder and transformative power)” is a course that looks at Scripture and what it means to be a Christian today. The class is facilitated by our own Barry E., who is more than one [...]

  • Origins of American Racism 2, after worship on 10.23

    On October 23rd. after worship, the Sacred Conversations on Race team will lead its 3rd and final “White Privilege 101″ workshop: Origins of American Racism 2. We’ll use this session to explore the social construction of race, and in particular the origins of whiteness. The questions that we will focus on are “How did white [...]

  • Window Restoration Already Underway

    The congregation passed the budget for window restoration almost without a question, and unanimously at the congregational meeting last Sunday after worship. The folks from the Fairmount Conservancy showed up on Thursday as scheduled to remove the first two windows, take them back to their workshop, and begin repairing and restoring them. They estimate that [...]