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A congregation evolving intentionally to serve more people.

Striving to make a difference in people’s lives and in the world, we’re far from finished… or perfect.

Join us on the journey: we can help each other along.

Recent News & Announcements

  • Summer Gatherings to Learn More about the Campaign for Old First

    If you’ve been in worship in the past month or two, you’ve heard some compelling testimonies from Old Firsters who have committed to participating in this fall’s capital campaign. Over the next month or so, you’ll have a chance to learn more. Plan to attend one of several gatherings in July and August. Members of [...]

  • You Got a Christian Letter In You?

    Ever wonder about who the authors of Paul’s 14 letters in the Bible really were? Or about the other letter-writers who made it into the sacred canon, John, Peter, James and Jude? Ever wonder how people other than Michael are guest E-pistle-ists for the Old First community sometimes? The simple answer is, if you got [...]

  • In Need of Clothes

    Our Saturday Morning Clothing Cupboard needs your help. Our stock of clothing is running extremely low. We are in need of everything! Men’s pants, shirts, jackets, socks, shoes, and underwear of all sizes are needed so we can have a full stock to do our distribution on Saturday mornings. We ask that all items are [...]

  • Trip to Franklinton Center Day, Aug. 1-2

    A group of us want to make a pilgrimage of sorts to the Franklinton Center at Bricks in Whitaker, North Carolina. What’s the Franklinton Center at Bricks? A center in the United Church of Christ for justice work around issues of racial equality in America. The fertile farmland of Franklinton Center at Bricks contains both [...]

  • Our Saturday Cupboard Needs Your Help

    Have you ever been interested in getting involved with our Saturday Morning Cupboard? Well now we need your help. Generally we have a rotation of groups that come in to prepare and serve breakfast to the 96 guests at our Cupboard. But right now we need groups to come in on the second and fourth [...]

  • Margaret Puts Her Hand In: Giving More, Saving A Little and Spending Less

    In 1989, something — I’m still not sure what — led me back to church. Thirty years after my confirmation in the UCC, I went church shopping — Episcopal, Presbyterian, Unitarian, UCC. Most of the time, few congregants noticed I was there. In one church, I must have been completely invisible. Not one person said [...]