OFers Head to Nicaragua on Mission Trip

Annemarie, Daniel, Dee, Jackson, Jordana, Samantha, Beth, Colleen and Michael leave for Nicaragua very early Monday morning. They will fly Philly to Houston, and Houston to Managua.

The will spend the first 2 days in Managua where they will be oriented by their hosts at CEPAD, the protestant church council in Nicaragua. Then they will travel to the Matagalpa District to a little village in the mountains called Mesa Sur, where they will help with a construction project for 5 days.

After that some “R & R:” they will head off the Island of Ometepe. It lies in Lake Nicaragua, created by two volcanoes. There they will climb the southernmost of the volanoes, Maderas. Seven hours through tropical rain forest to get to the rim of the volcano crater, up over the rim and into the crater that these days contains a tropical lagoon. It’s called “el Ojo de Dios,” the eye of God… imagine Jurassic Park.

Then they make their way back to Managua and on home to Philly. Please pray for them and their travels and work. Michael will try to keep the Twitter updates coming, which will also appear on the church’s FB page. When they get back, Michael hopes the youth will share with the whole church some of their experiences and what those experiences taught them…