Old First Leaders

Church Leadership

Worship & Music

  • Louis Menendez, Director of Music (musicdirector@oldfirstucc.org)
  • Griffin Drutchas, Worship Team Leader
  • Yiwola Awoyale, Head Usher
  • Madelyn George, Communion Preparation

Christian Education

  • Juluis DeAngelus, Christian Education Director
  • Amy Baques, Jill Lantzy, Bridget Ercole, Tori Lamaina, Nursery Childcare

Community Engagement and Community Life

  • Suzanne Cole, Director of Community Engagement
  • Megan Grimm-Atwood, Community Life Team Leader
  • Jonathan Atwood, Young Adult Leader

Outreach — Social Service and Justice Ministries

Pastoral Relations

  • Dan Rothermel
  • Greta Stewart
  • Jane Styer-Acevedo
  • Russ Composto
  • Susan DeAngelus

Wider Church Liaisons


  • Mindy Beecher, Office Administrator (officeadministrator@oldfirstucc.org)
  • Marisol Sabada, Housekeeping
  • Jonathan Vogan, Team Leader
  • Annmarie Kleinhans, Treasurer
  • Laura Spencer, Financial Secretary
  • Kris Forrest, Assistant Financial Secretary
  • Dan Bigelow, Endowment Director
    (If you need to get in contact with any leader whose e-mail is not provided, please ask Mindy Beecher or Michael Caine to help put you in touch.)