Serving as a Worship Leader

Old First is committed to helping all its members recognize, develop and celebrate the gifts God gives them for doing a variety of kinds of ministry. Worship leadership is one area of ministry that is open to all.

We would like as many people in our community as possible to participate in worship leadership. Liturgists assist the pastor with leading the congregation in worship. Lectors read the Scripture during worship services. Children are welcome to serve as acolytes whenever they feel they are ready–usually around age 7.

If you would like to serve as a liturgist, lector or acolyte, please contact the Office Administrator, who will pass your name along to the Worship Leadership Coordinator.

Information for Worship Leaders

Below are guides to help you prepare for your ministry as a worship leader. If you’re ever unsure about your scheduled date, check the Old First Calendar. Lectors, liturgists and acolytes are listed on each Sunday’s worship description. Lectors can also find the scheduled Scripture readings there.

Serving as Lector

Serving as Liturgist