01.10 — Big Sunday for Old First

The Elders have called a Congregational Meeting for this Sunday, 01.10. The Renewal Committee that worked with KSK Architects will present an overview of the report and a suggested approach for moving ahead with the work to be done as part of the Capital Campaign. This is a long-awaited and very important next step. (There will also be a Q. & A. after worship on 01.24; and the Committee’s suggested approach will go before the Congregational Meeting for approval on 01.31.)

The full report from KSK Architects and a framing letter from the Renewal Committee, with their suggestions for an approach will be made available online at the end of the meeting on Sunday. (For people who do not have online access, please contact the church office.)

Come and learn how the Renewal Committee (supported by the info. gathered and presented by the Architects) is proposing we can make the most of 1) this Capital Campaign, 2) our property, and 3) our church’s mission and ministry.

Unfortunately, Michael cannot be here this weekend to show his support for the Committee and the suggested approach they offer. He will be back in Missouri for his mother’s funeral. But he has invited the Rev. Wanda Craner, the Penn SE Conference / UCC’s Minister for Spiritual Nurture, to be the guest preacher. Surely, she will have a word for Old First on this momentous day.

Make sure you join us. And if you can think of anyone you know who needs a special invite for worship and the meeting, do not be shy.