Worship for Jan. 30

Worship for Jan. 30

‘Why the Beatitudes are the Heart of our Christian Faith;’ Matthew 5: 3-12 and Micah 6:1-8.

We will also install our 2011 leadership, including ordaining two new Elders.

We will be thanking:
Marta Rose who finished service as Christian Education Director. Beth Walker who has finished service as our Director of Stewardship. Bob Robinson who finished service as our Wellspring Team Leader. And Alice Reyes and Mark Wagenveld who finished service as Elders.

We will be promising our support to:
Annemarie Kleinhans as our next Christian Education Director. Karen Winey as our next Director of Stewardship. Jill Soubel as our next Wellspring Team Leader.

We will be ordaining:
Drew Aldinger and Julius DeAngelus as Elders.

Worship will also be a bit more physical than usual, as it will include “Let’s Move…
Instant Recess
activities” as Old First celebrates “Health and Human Services
Sunday with other UCC congregations across the country