A 1 on 1 Experience

A 1 on 1 Experience

I recently had the pleasure of engaging two new members of Old First in 1 on 1 conversation. Seventeen of us at Old First are doing a summer campaign of over 100 1 on 1s as we strengthen relationships in our church, identify concerns and opportunities of people in this community and introduce our church to P.O.W.E.R. and community organizing.

The conversation flowed naturally, especially as we shared with each other those things we have in common. Getting to know these two members in a deeper way was a rewarding experience for me.

As a long time member of Old First, I have always looked for ways to get to know folks, but never seemed to go outside my familiar circle of choir members, Worship Team and more recently Elders and the Administration Team.

This process opened new doors for me. As we talked, I felt a renewed sense of purpose for what I can share with newer members. I was also struck by how much I took away from the conversations. Not only did I learn about these two marvelous people, but also I was also able to share ideas as to where they might consider investing some time in the mission of Old First. Their enthusiasm to become involved in the life of our church was contagious and invigorating.

As I look forward to my next “one-on-one” with a long time member I am excited about what I will learn from this person that will also enrich and deepen my own faith journey.

Respectfully submitted,

Alice Reyes