100 Day Fast for Family Values (March 20 to June 30)

100 Day Fast for Family Values (March 20 to June 30)

Who is going to undertake our Fast for Family Values for 100 days? People of faith across the state of Pennsylvania… collectively, with congregations or individuals choosing their own time periods, so that we cover the whole, holy period with repentence for how we have been failing our children and their families.

Why this Fast for Family Values?Pennsylvania’s families are working as hard as we can to make ends meet and ensure our children have a chance to succeed. But whether we live in the suburbs, cities, or rural areas, there are fewer and fewer opportunities for our families to thrive.

We feel this pain especially in our underfunded school systems.

Across Pennsylvania, more is being demanded of our children, but there are fewer resources to educate them. Corporations get tax breaks and wealth stays in the hands of the few, but we are told there’s not enough for our kids.

Without more school funding and a fair system to make sure funds go where they are needed most, our schools will continue to be squeezed and opportunities for our kids will continue to disappear. We know what kind of future undereducating our children portends…

Our values of family that our various faiths hold us to lead us now to support the full, fair funding of our schools… and a vision for Pennsylvania in which all our families can thrive. In the tradition of many who have gone before us, we will fast until this vision is real.

What is this Fast for Family Values? That’s why parents, clergy, faith communities, and Pennsylvanians across the state are holding a 100-day fast until our legislators pass a Full and Fair Funding Formula for Pennsylvania’s public schools.

People across the state will fast for a day or a series of meals or a longer time… Collectively, we will create a Fast for Family Values just like collectively we could create a Fair, Full Funding Formula that would fund our schools and educate every last one of Pennsylvania’s precious children.

The fast is something that anyone can participate in. Go without food for one day until sundown. Or fast every day for a week. Or skip lunch for 100 days. You can decide yourself the fast you will undertake… how you want to sacrifice. God will certainly recognize your sacrifice. But be sure to let us at “Faith in PA” know so that we can count your effort towards our collective goal.

What difference will the Fast for Family Values make?Our individual sacrifices and our collaborative efforts will call attention to the urgent need for a formula that lays a solid foundation for our families’ futures, and for the money to fund it not to come off the backs of those who are already struggling. It will make its participants and its witnesses more aware of the direness of our situation and the precariousness of our children’s futures.

Our Fast for Family Values will also draw attention to various, other efforts to influence individual legislators and to pressure the state legislature to pass the Full, Fair Funding Formula in time for the next school year. Imagine meeting with a legistlator and besides the schools needs being able to credential your visit with the “Do you know that ???? people and ??? congregations across this state are involved in a 100 Day Fast for Family Values… until our state passes a Full, Fair Funding Forumula to educate all the children of Pennsylvania?”

How can I get involved?

# 1 Pray and ask God if this is an action you should undertake to help draw attention to the needs of our children, teachers, families, schools, communities.

# 2 Tell the Pastor that you are willing to fast… on a certain day, for a certain period, or repeatedly. Maybe we can get a group to do this together?

“Is this not the kind of fast I have chosen…
to loose the chains of injustice,
untie the cords of the yoke,
to set the oppressed free and
break every yoke?”
— Isaiah 58:6

***For more info or to join the fast, visit www.faithinpa.org***