Could You Prepare / Share a Meal with our Shelter Guests?

Could You Prepare / Share a Meal with our Shelter Guests?

As you may know, Old First hosts an overnight shelter for 30 homeless men during the winter months in partnership with the Bethesda Project.

As October comes to a close, and the shetler opens on Saturday, November 1, I have been scheduling groups of volunteers to prepare meals for our guests. I am happy to say that the schedule is filling up quickly, with leaders from our own Outreach Standing Leadership Group preparing and sharing a meal on the opening night.

The holidays will soon be upon us, a time when many of us celebrate with friends and family. During this time, it is important for us to remember those around us who do not have a strong support system, and struggle to live day to day. I’m particularly concerned that we do not yet have a group signed up to provide dinner on Thanksgiving.

If you are interested in coordinating a group to serve a meal at our shelter on Thanksgiving or any other evening, please talk to me at church, or call me during office hours or e-mail me at

We at Old First appreciate our dedicated volunteers, and their efforts that go above and beyond to provide a quality service experience to our guests. As always, thank you!


Tim Kent
Volunteer Coordinator

“God of compassion,
your love for humanity was revealed in Jesus,
whose earthly life began in the poverty of a stable
and ended in the pain and isolation of the cross:
we hold before you those who are homeless and cold
especially in this bitter weather.
Draw near and comfort them in spirit
and bless those who work to provide them
with shelter, food and friendship.”
–Prayer from the Church of England