Thanks if you have; Please if you have yet to…

Stewardship, or Annual Giving, usually happens in November, but this year, because of the Capital Campaign, we got started late, pushing it off until December. It’s all a bit tricky this time around, coming on the heels of our successful Capital Campaign, which took a lot of time and attention since last Spring. We haven’t talked much about the 2015 stewardship drive in worship, as we usually do because there’s been a lot of focus on fundraising this year, and we all need a break.

That said, we need to remember how very important Stewardship is. In the midst of all we have going on, Old First continues to operate, and the electric bill needs to be paid, and people come to us each week for food, clothing and shelter — physically and spiritually! Thanks be to God.

After two Sundays (Stewardship Sunday on December 7, and again last week), we seem to be on track. Pledges are coming in at about the same rate as in the past, which is wonderful news. It’s not surprising, exactly, but we are pleased that faithful giving continues. And we can rest a little easier as we work on the 2015 budget.

So “Thank You” if you taken the time to make your pledge. But at this busy time of year, many of us haven’t gotten around to it yet. “Why not do it today?! It’s particularly helpful right now as we are working on the budget.

You can make a pledge by completing a commitment card (there are cards in the literature rack, next to the hallway door in the Lower Narthex and in the main nametag cabinet on the stairs up to the church), or you may pledge on-line using these simple directions. (Some more good news: many of our members have taken to this new technology, and so far, about 1/3 of our pledges have come in electronically.)

And remember: stewardship is not one more financial obligation; rather, it is privilege… to have enough to be able to give to God in thanksgiving.


Kris Forrest, Stewardship Director