2015 Budget Hearing, after worship on 01.18.

2015 Budget Hearing, after worship on 01.18.

Not enough church finance talk in your life? Not sure if the church’s accounting is cash or accrual based? Not sure what accrual-based accounting is?

Or do you wonder how much our heat bills are? Or how much we spend on the Sunday morning Bagels?

There are so many questions. And we mean to be transparent about the church’s finances.

Then join us on Sunday January 18th, after church during Fellowship Hour for the annual Budget Hearing. This is one week before Annual Meeting and provides a forum for a more in-depth discussion of the church finances then is often possible during the Annual Meeting.

Drop in and ask whatever you would like to know. Both Adam and I will be there.

Yours in Christ,

Jonathan V, Admin SLG Chair