UCC Leaders' Letter to Harrisburg Legislators

UCC Leaders' Letter to Harrisburg Legislators

(This is the letter that UCC pastors and lay leaders from across the state will be delivering tomorrow in Harrisburg…)

Monday, 22. June 2015
Dear Legislator,

Today, we leaders from the United Church of Christ congregations across this state are working side by side with others from our broad-based, ecumenical coalition, Faith in PA, in 10 days of actions to change the narrative here in Harrisburg. No more “there’s not enough.” It’s time for “we can NO LONGER afford not to fund our schools and educate our children.”

But Harrisburg isn’t listening.

The education funding crisis in our state has garnered national attention. Gov. Wolf’s election was a mandate on fair and full funding for public schools. For too long — decades — Pennsylvania districts have been underfunded. And there’s a painful inequality in the inadequate funding that favors districts with more white students.

But Harrisburg isn’t listening.

The Governor proposed a budget with an increase in education funding that is only a fraction of what our schools need. And PA’s House proposed a budget with ZERO new dollars for our schools???

Harrisburg still isn’t listening.

All we hear is that the state needs tax relief for corporations. And that there’s not have enough money to educate our children.

So we are here. And will be here…

Fasting on the steps of the capitol (because we’ve been starving our schools for decades). Praying and singing in these halls of power. Making sure that no one in or around the capitol hasn’t heard our message:

It’s time for a Moral Takeover.
We don’t have a funding crisis. This is a moral crisis.
…That there’s loopholes and give-aways for corporations.

This state cannot afford not to educate its children. All of its children. In rural, suburban and urban districts. It’s time — in THIS budget cycle — to increase dramatically and distribute fairly that education support our schools need and deserve.

Show us your support, or come to learn more, by joining us on the front steps, at our tent, every day at noon for prayers for our children, our schools and our state. And learn more about why we cannot wait anymore.


the UCC leaders delivering the letter