Is It Time to Join Old First?

Is It Time to Join Old First?

Would you like to join our fellowship? Everyone is welcome, member or not, “old-timer” or new comer, however it feels right for your to relate to our community.

But for many people, there comes a time when one is ready to commit, when you know you are sticking around, want to say to yourself, others and God that you are ready to roll up your sleeves and work with us through thick and thin.

Porsche and Rich, Lisa and Tony and April have all been waiting to join (some longer than others!). Would you like to join them? And the rest of the Old First community?

Alternatively, do you know these 5 people? Could you make it part of your church life to get acquainted with them before they join us formally (see below for how long you have!)?

Church membership won’t solve every puzzle or trouble in your life. But, for most of us, it’s turned out to be something positive, an addition to our lives, a blessing…

If it works for everyone’s schedules, we will welcome the next class of New Members on Sunday, Sept. 13, the first Sunday we are back worshiping at 11 a.m. If you would like to join then too, please speak with Michael.