2015 Annual Meeting Minutes

2015 Annual Meeting Minutes
Old First Reformed Church of Christ
Minutes of the Annual Congregational Meeting
January 26, 2015
A Potluck Luncheon and Hymn Sing preceded the Annual Meeting.
The Meeting opened with a Prayer by Pastor Michael Caine and was called to order by Elder Jonathan Atwood.
There were 85 members in attendance constituting a quorum.
Motion to approve minutes for January 26, 2014 Annual Congregational Meeting
Motion Made by Beth Walker, seconded by Greta Stewart, Motion Carried.
Motion to waive reading of the Minutes
Motion made by Colin , Seconded by Adam Sherr, Motion Carried
Motion to offer voice to anyone present who is not a member.
Motion made by Yajeh Ndimbie, seconded by Colin , Motion Carried
Review of Financial Year Report for 2014
Motion made to approve Report by Margaret Rhody, Seconded by Nancy Donohue
Motion Carried
Reports on 2014 Ministry presented by SLGs and Elders
Motion made to approve reports by Adam Sherr, seconded by Greta Stewart
Motion Carried
Financial Year 2015 Budget presented for approval
Motion to approve budget made by Julius DeAngelus, seconded by Greta Stewart
Motion Carried
Sawubona, Sikona, and Ubuntu, Michael introduced an interactive conversation to encourage getting to know each other using these greetings; everyone present participated.
Slate for Election and appointments of church leaders was presented
Motion to accept made by Greta Stewart, seconded by Julius DeAngelus,
Motion carried
Opening Capital Campaign Budget
Motion made to accept budget by Beth Walker, seconded by Colin
Motion Carried.
The meeting adjourned after a Closing Prayer and Singing of “The Church’s One Foundation”
Minutes respectfully submitted by Kathy Sykes.