Building Strong Churches, Training Event on 08.20

Building Strong Churches, Training Event on 08.20

Old Firsters, anyone wish to attend this one day workshop about strengthening our congregation? Michael will go if others will accompany him. Let him know…

Every organization experiences growth and decline.  The church is no different.  Unfortunately,  much more time is spent speaking about decline than growth.  Leaders at every level of the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference (PSEC) would like to change that.  With the adoption of the PSEC 2020 Vision, they approved many exciting new possibilities and activities.  PSEC has heard the desire from the local churches to be encouraged toward new and renewed ministries and to nurture strong pastoral and lay leadership.

To that end the PSEC has contracted with the Center for Progressive Renewal to work through the Next Level: Building Strong Churches program.  On August 20, they will hold an all-day workshop to introduce this program.  Each congregation is invited to bring a small group of lay and clergy to this event to hear what it is all about and to learn how our church can get involved.

Please click here to view a flyer with more information.

If you have questions or you would  like to register, please click here.

See you in church…