2 "Communications Directors" Needed… for Prayers in the Air and Internet On-line!

2 "Communications Directors" Needed… for Prayers in the Air and Internet On-line!

Someone told me recently that we’ve had success in the past simply advertising various jobs or roles needing to be filled around the church. Someone reads about doing a ministry they may never thought of, and voila’, we have a new worker and someone who has taken on a ministry s/he feels called to.

So let’s try this! I have been dreaming of two positions:

1) A Prayer Ministry Coordinator.

Our prayer list in the Sunday order of service is — this is sort of a confession — kind of haphazard. Mindy and I try to coordinate and collect what we hear and believe is to be shared. But we know, it could be better organized.

What if we had someone who coordinated our prayer ministries? During worship, this person would jot down the concerns shared during the Prayers of the People. If the people who prayed thought it was ok, they could be listed in next Sunday’s prayer list– our commitment to pray for the concerns shared beyond the Sunday morning moment in which they were shared.

Likewise, our Members’ Section has a prayer group that has been active. What if the same prayer coordinator, after worship on Sunday, used our internet communications capabilities to ask that group to pray for the people and concerns that were raised in the Prayers of the People.

A prayer coordinator might also help us think through and develop other ways to collect and share prayers. For example, there are people for whom going forward to share during the “Prayers of the People” would be like torture. One person told me, “I tried it once. And by the time I got up there, I was sweating and dizzy and could hardly speak.” Our prayer tradition does favor those who are comfortable in front of a crowd. Are there other ways we could offer people an opportunity to share their prayer concerns?

Finally, the prayer coordinator could sort of “shepherd” the prayer list that appears each week. Stay in touch with the people whose concerns are shared. Maybe even pray with them! And make sure that if they need to be changed, updated, removed, we do so.

2) Internet Communications Director:

Old First has made a commitment to using the possibilities that the internet provides in order to be more visible, accessible and get our message “out there.” It’s added to the ways we can communicate and our reach. Perhaps more importantly, we have cut down significantly on our turn-around time, our expenses and the labor involved.

We mean for the website to be an up to date welcome for anyone checking us out from afar (almost everyone checks before they give us a try in person!). We hope that FB enables people in our members and friends’ broader networks… maybe folks who have little idea of what church could offer or how Old First might be different from what they expect… to glimpse who we are, what church is about, what we do and why.

But there’s a lot of behind the scenes work in producing the weekly E-pistles with newlinks… and keeping the website and the church’s Facebook page current.

And there are pieces we haven’t gotten to you– I’d still like to create banners for the website that would add a splash of color as they announce the special seasons and holy days and festivals of the church year.

Much of the work involved in these internet communications has been carried by Suzanne and me. A third person, someone who is comfortable with internet communications, or at least interested in learning, could help us with this work. We could probably figure out how to design a “ministry description” that would suit the interests, gifts and calling of whoever might volunteer.

Are these both just the idle dreamings of a pastor who wished he had more time to develop other aspects of his and the church’s ministry? Perhaps, but it never hurts asking. In fact, if one does not ask, one cannot really receive an answer!

If you might be interested in either of these ministries, please speak with me. As with almost all of the leadership roles at Old First (except those that are named in the by-laws as elected positions), there ministries are open to members and friends of the church alike.

— Michael