2 Conversations about Adult Education… this Sun., 09.22 @ 10 and after worship

2 Conversations about Adult Education… this Sun., 09.22 @ 10 and after worship

Our primary adult Christian Education offering for the last years has been the Adult Forum at the 10 o’clock hour, more or less at the same time as Sunday School. But over the last years we’ve seen attendance at the Adult Forum drop, or at least get more sporadic. Perhaps people’s schedules have changed. Or they are just so busy they don’t have the second hour to offer church. Last year, there were a smaller circle of people who were faithful attenders, but fewer than in years before.

For the last few years, Nancy D. has been the organizer of the Adult Forum. But at the end of last year, she decided that she didn’t want to continue as the organizer for the Adult Forum. We thank her for all the work, both asking other people to lead sessions, and also leading them herself.

We have asked around, and no one stepped forward to say that he or she was willing to take on this task. At Old First, under our new governance structure, we are committed to allowing things we have done in the past to end if there is not leadership willing to continue them. Perhaps, it is time for Adult Forum to end. And in the hole that would leave in our programing, we hope something new would emerge.

But then one of our YASC community ministers, Margaret, arriving, said that she would be interested in working with adult Christian Education. Michael thought it might be good to give her some time and space to learn the lay of our land. And also to consider offering programing different in form or content from what we have offered in the past. Yajeh added, that maybe we could gather people together to think about adult Christian education at Old First. People who always go to Adult Forum. People who used to go. People who never go. And people who’ve never even heard of it, but have some ideas about what they might like in continuing education to help them on their Christian journeys.

So this Sunday, we’re going to have discussions, both before and after service, where you can come and talk, listen, share and participate as we think about possible forms that our on-going adult Christian education might take. It will help Margaret as she considers what her contribution could be. And also Yajeh and Michael as they talk more about how to offer what our people need.

Please consider this as your invitation to contribute your experience, ideas and hopes as we speak at 10 am or after worship.