2 Invitations from the Shelter (11.01 & 11.26)

As you may have heard (from the announcement in last week’s E-pistle), we’re getting closer to the start of our Winter Shelter season! From November through the end of April, we partner with Bethesda Project to host thirty men in our social hall in every evening.

In addition to hosting our guests, we also partner with a number of other churches, schools, and community organizations to provide three dinners a week. Already, volunteers from Old First and numerous other groups have stepped up, and we have nearly every meal covered for November. I am so excited that so many people have come forward to cook meals!

Whether you’ve been involved in our shelter before or not, I have two invitations for you – the kickoff on November 1st, and Thanksgiving.

1) We want to kick off our Shelter season as a community, so everyone is invited to join our guests and the Outreach team on for the first Shelter Dinner on Sunday, November 1st, at 6:45pm. If you can join us, contact our Outreach team leader Steve Wilhite.

2) We are looking for some Thanksgiving dinner leaders. Some volunteers from outside the church are willing to help cook, we just need someone who can oversee the cooking. The Thanksgiving meal can also be cooked at a different time of the day, as it is a holiday (and we will have the shelter open all day).

John Bergen
Outreach Minister