2 Last — Special — Sundays: 06.01 & 06.08

2 Last — Special — Sundays: 06.01 & 06.08

Summer is upon us. We only have two more Sundays, before we go to the early, summer worship hour (at 10 a.m.).

But we have two more important Sundays– opportunities for celebration and thanksgiving, welcome and worship:

June 1: Ascension is Sunday School Sunday will celebrate the accomplishments and learning of our Sunday School students. And their teachers! We will also welcome new members this Sunday. As well as give thanks for our graduates, finishing high school, college and graduate school.

June 8: Pentecost is Choir Celebration Sunday when we thank our musicians for all they have added to our worship this year. The choir will be performing two pieces for our service. And we will have communion as we celebrate God’s giving the followers of Jesus the Holy Spirit and thereby founding the church.

Please join us to thank the Sunday School teachers and the choir for some of our church life’s most labor-intensive “in-house” ministries!