2 Ministry Teams Fielded to Further Capital Campaign Work

2 Ministry Teams Fielded to Further Capital Campaign Work

When Old First approved of the approach for moving ahead with our Capital Campaign work, there were needed two ministry teams to run this next leg of the race.

That approach agreed to was to concentrate first on the exterior of the historic sanctuary building, starting with the envelope of the building and other safety issues, as well as lighting and a new sound system, before working on greater visibility and accessibility in the courtyard in front of the Sanctuary.

The other leg of the approach was to undertake an investigation on the the parcel of land along 4th Street (on which sit the Fox and CE Building and the front and back parking lot) to see if there might be alternative uses of that property that better meet our mission purposes than how we use the land currently.

To that end, the Elders have now peopled two new ministry teams: the Construction Ministry Team and the Parcel Ministry Team.

The Construction Ministry Team will be responsible for taking the information and recommendations in KSK Architects, Planners, Historians’ assessment of our property and translating them into specific, concrete next steps. That involves ordering and grouping the projects in the most efficient way, as well as coming up with the specific parameters of each project. After that, the Construction Ministry Team will then begin, within cash availabilities from the Capital Campaign, to seek proposals and choose vendors in order to present to the congregation in the form of budget approvals specific project plans.

The members who have agreed to serve on the Construction Ministry Team are: Andrew H., Adam S., Janice S. (who is also the liason with the Elders), Woody U., and Beth W. Geneva, who is not a member, but our Pastor Emerita, will provide continuity from the earlier committee that worked with KSK in developing the approved approach.

The Parcel Ministry Team will look into alternative possibilities for the parcel along 4th Street. The members who have agreed to serve on this ministry team are: Clark D., Megan G.-A., Porsche H., Margaret R., and Bob S. Steve W. will not serve, but will be available in an “on-call as needed” status. Mark F. who is not a member of the church, but part of our community and served on the earlier committee working with KSK will be part of the ministry team. Also, David G., a friend of the church with real estate experience in the city, will serve as a consultant when needed. Jonathan A. will serve as liason with the Elders.

If you have any questions, please feel free to speak with the Elders or members of these ministry teams.