2011 Alternative Christmas Gift

2011 Alternative Christmas Gift

Each year Old First offers an “alternative gift” to which you can give in the name of your loved ones. For instance, we raised money to support Native American Ministries the last time. It’s an option the church offers in light of how commercialized Christmas can become…

The alternative gift this year is backpacks filled with supplies for the homeless. The backpacks are going to be filled with socks, mittens, toboggans (hats), razors, soap and other toiletries. The backpacks will be distributed to the men of our homeless shelter and to the men at the Food and Clothing Cupboard. The alternative gift program will go through Epiphany which will be celebrated on Sunday, January 8, 2012.

You can donate a backpack and/or the supplies or you can donate monetarily and we’ll purchase the items on your behalf.

There are three levels of monetary donation:

$30 covers the backpack and the supplies

$20 covers the supplies only

$15 covers the backpack only

Starting this Sunday, December 11th, you can bring monetary donations to the Wellspring table.  There will be cards for you to fill out to be sent to your loved one letting them know that a gift was made in their name.

You can also send checks to Old First with the name and address of your recipient and we’ll send a card letting them know that a gift was made in their name.

Another option to donate is through our Network for Good site. In the line that says “Designation” write Alternative Gift and in the spot for “Dedication or Gift” write the name and address of the loved one you are donating for.