2012 Pledges — Procrastinators Welcome!!!

2012 Pledges — Procrastinators Welcome!!!

Throughout the stewardship campaign, I encouraged us to do something new with respect to our 2012 pledges and we did! A total of 14 people/families made pledges for 2012 that had not pledged in 2011. Thanks be to God for their faithful commitment to Old First!

On the flip side, as of this writing 19 people/families that pledged in 2011 have not yet pledged for 2012. Does this reflect the difficult economic times, high unemployment and underemployment, or unplanned critical expenses? Or it is a matter of procrastination? For the record, I do not consider a Christmas gift to be late as long as it is purchased by Epiphany.

To the procrastinators among us, let me remind us that the 2012 pledges are the single largest income line in the church budget. The Administrative Team has already drafted the 2012 budget based on the received 2012 pledges, and I know there are things Old First will have to go without this year. So if you are procrastinating, please prayerfully make your pledge as soon as possible, and no later than Wednesday, January 11, 2011. You can use these easy online form to do it right now!

If something other than procrastination is preventing you from renewing your pledge and you’d like a pastoral call, you are welcome to contact Pastor Michael or me.

Karen Winey
Director of Stewardship