2014 Leadership Positions ALL Filled

The Elders have made some appointments to fill out our leadership after the Annual Meeting. Greta Stewart and Kathy Sykes have been named Elders. And Kris Forrest has been named the Director of Stewardship.

You might remember that the Discernment Task Force had not filled an empty slot for the Elders or the Stewardship Director position as of the Congregation’s Annual Meeting. But some of the leads they were working on have born fruit, and they have appointed two Elders. Per the by-laws, the Elders can fill open elected offices by appointment until the next Annual Meeting. The by-laws also call the Elders to appoint the Directors in our governance system. So Kris was appointed with the other appointees for the 2014 year.

At their March meeting, the Elders also elected their leaders. Thus, Old First’s elected leaders for 2014 are:

Larry Wadell, Moderator
Jonathan Atwood, Vice Moderator
Beth Davis
Mariann Obando
Greta Stewart
Kathy Sykes, Secretary
Jackie Williams

Treasurer: Adam Sherr
Assistant Treasurer: Annmarie Kleinhans
Financial Secretary: Gerry Woodroffe
Assistant Financial: Secretary: Laura Spencer

Standing Leadership Group Leaders
Administration: Jonathan Vogan
Christian Education: Yajeh Ndimbie
Community Life: Megan Grimm
Outreach: Steve Wilhite
Worship: Griffin Drutchas

Community Engagement: Suzanne Cole
Endowment Director: Dan Bigelow
Assistant Endowment Director: Greg Walsh
Stewardship Director: Kris Forrest

Now that we have all the positions filled, we will soon install them during a worship service. In the meantime, and afterwards, please keep all of our leaders and their service to our church community in your prayers…

— Beth Davis, for the Discernment Task Force