2015 Stewardship: the Invitation is Out; Commitments Come in On Dec. 7

2015 Stewardship: the Invitation is Out; Commitments Come in On Dec. 7

Kris Forrest, our Stewardship Director, sent out an electronic letter about the 2015 Stewardship Campaign on Wednesday, Nov. 26.

In it she thanked us for all the generosity shown in the Campaign for Old First (it is really amazing!), and she reminded us that the on-going support of our ministries is necessary too. Capital Campaign gifts were “second mile support,” added on after our normal support of the church. Thanks be to God.

She also told us about how, if we wish, we can now pledge on-line using REALM, our church’s on-line directory.

Her e-letter will be followed up by a hard mailing with an old-fashioned pledge card first thing next week. In other words, you may pledge on-line, or with paper and pencil as we are more familiar with doing so.

We will be receiving those commitments in worship as we come forward for Communion on the second Sunday of Advent, Dec. 7. (And there will be a way for people who have pledged online also to participate worshipfully in making their commitment as they come forward.)

With the Capital Campaign, there’s been more than usual talk of money and fundraising at church lately. And that’s going to enable us to do so much more vital ministry. We’re getting started with both the architect and the studies of our Outreach after the holidays.

But if we really think about it, it should be understood as a privilege to be able to donate to the church.