2016 Stewardship Campaign — Update after Commitment Sunday (get your pledge in if you have not already!)

2016 Stewardship Campaign — Update after Commitment Sunday (get your pledge in if you have not already!)

Michael preached about how in our generosity and sharing we can begin to create an alternative to an economic system that often devalues people — to what they are worth, how productive or useful they are… a world wherein some matter more than others and still others hardly matter at all. When we let our faith guide our understanding of what and how we have and what we can share, suddenly reality starts to shift.

Michael didn’t just preach this; he provided an example or, even, a demonstration. And by the end of his sermon, most of the church was on their feet, either because they had needs they could trust would be received and supported, or because they were feeling resourceful and wanting to share.

After that, Michael J. provided a witness on why he believes it’s important to give generously.

And people brough forward offerings of winter clothing, and their collection for that Sunday, and pledges for their support of our ministry in 2016.

By the end of the first Sunday, Old First had received pledges from 36 households/families (15 of which had been received on-line). Their commitments the first Sunday together came to $111,732.

Old First usually received more than double that number of pledges and in recent years has hit as high as 90+. The more resources pledged and received, the more ministry we can do. And the easier the work of the budgeting process as we begin preparing for 2016 and the Annual Meeting at the end of January.

There will be pledge cards in the pew racks; you may return them in the offering plates.
Or follow these complete directions to make your pledge on=line.

(Also, remember: we are encouraging people to give electronically; setting up your bank to send checks automatically to fulfill your stewardship pledge. If you need help with this, please speak to Elizabeth G., our Stewardship Director.)

And, of course, thank you for your generous support of our church’s ministries — not just your financial support, but also your time and talent and prayers and service… Without you all, what could we do; how would we be faithful?


Elizabeth G., Stewardship Director


Laura Spencer, Financial Secretary