2018 Annual Reports Are Available!

2018 Annual Reports Are Available!

Below are the 2018 reports that we’ve received thus far for the Annual Meeting on Sunday, January 27, 2019, after worship.

There will be a few printed copies of the full report at the Annual Meeting itself. There will also be enough printed copies of the Action Items for everyone present. This Annual Meeting involves the normal business that is handled every year at this time: approving a budget and elections of leaders. Additionally, the Old First community will begin a conversation about what effect the creation of permanent supportive housing will have on our hosting the shelter.

Also, don’t forget the potluck luncheon that precedes the meeting (and worship before that)! 

Pastor’s Report                 Elders Report

Administration SLG             Archivist Report               Christian Education

Community Engagement Director              Community Life SLG

Discernment Task Force                    Joint Ventures Team

Music Ministry                Office Administrator Report

Outreach Coordinator             Outreach SLG

Parking / Accessibility Report                                  Worship SLG


Financial Secretary’s Report

 Treasurer’s Report and Proposed 2018 Budget

Finance and Investments Report              Stewardship Director’s Report


Nominations for Elected and Appointed Leaders

Minutes from Annual Meeting 2017