2018 Pledges Still Welcome… and Needed! Week # 3

2018 Pledges Still Welcome… and Needed! Week # 3 Update…

Our average pledge is up $10% and we have 11 pledges from families who had not pledged before. 8 additional pledges arrived in this last week… Before you yell “Hallelujah!”, we still have about 20 regular pledgers — families who traditionally make a pledge — we are waiting to hear from…

But we have gotten a good start to assembling the support we need for doing the mission and ministry of this church next year. At this point — through pledges received in the offering plate as well as those made online — we have received 55 pledges for a total of $196,708.

People often wonder what they should give to the church. In our tradition, that’s a question between you and God: you might pray about it! Also you can think about your total income and how much you mean to dedicate to charity. The Bible offers the standard of a tithe, giving back to God 10% of all we receive from God.

Maybe it would help your deliberations to know what fellow members are giving? So far of the 55 pledges for 2018, the average pledge is $3,576.51. But that average covers a wide range of pledges of yearly gifts:

  • < $550 – 9
  • $551-$2400 – 20
  • $2401 – $6000 – 15
  • $6001 – $10,000 – 5
  • $10,001+ – 6

to compare with last year, we had 65 Pledges for $211,309 ($3,250.91 average).

We hope to match or exceed those numbers for 2018. Following up with “missing” pledges is always delicate work, but if we were to come in at 65 or more pledges, we could well exceed last year’s income. Our trending is towards slowly climbing stewardship income. And remember, we have had 110 families contribute to the Capital Campaign…

If you have any questions, you should speak to Richard E., our Stewardship Director, or Adam S., Financial Secretary, or the pastor.

You can make a pledge by using one of the pledge sheets you will see in the pews this Sunday; just turn it in the offering plate or send it to the office.

Or help us right now, and make that pledge here.

Read the initial Stewardship Letter here

Thanks for your continued support and generosity! Hallelujah!