Elders Empower 2 New Ministry Teams: Joint Venture MT and Parking / Accessibility MT

Elders Empower 2 New Ministry Teams: Joint Venture MT and Parking / Accessibility MT

The Elders have developed charges for the two new ministry teams needed by the congregation‘s vote to proceed with Community Ventures in building permanent, supportive housing for people who have been homeless. They have also appointed people to these teams and hope they will get started with their work! Please keep these efforts in your prayers!



The Elders charge the Joint Venture Ministry Team (Spencer Anderson, Bob Robinson, Kathy Sykes, Beth Walker, Jackie Williams, Megan Grimm-Atwood) with the following:

— Be the primary point of contact for Community Ventures and other persons / entities in all matters connected with the Redevelopment of the 4th St Parcel up to and through the signing of a lease agreement or the termination of the Joint Venture agreement, whichever time period is shorter.

— Meet with Community Ventures staff and others regularly / as needed. This includes being the church’s representatives to the working group that Community Venture will create for the design process, as well as involvement in the preparatory work for funding sources and other project / building approvals. The Joint Venture Ministry may be involved in the church’s responsibilities under the Joint Venture Agreement for political and community liaison work / conversations, but most likely others from our church may also need to be involved in those contacts with stakeholders as well. 

— Make timely decisions on behalf of the Congregation and / or the Elders that in the judgement of the Joint Venture Ministry Team are within the powers of their scope / authority, without consulting either with the Congregation as a whole or the Elders. The expected exceptions to this authority will include, but not be limited to, the approval of final architectural drawings, leases, and any other decisions that the team judges best to seek input on from the Elders or the Congregation.

— Informing Community Ventures of any decisions that the Joint Venture Ministry Team believes will require the input or approval of the Elders or the Congregation, and then following through on seeking the appropriate input or approval.

— Provide regular, at minimum monthly, written updates to the Elders.

— Provide regular, minimum quarterly, updates to the congregation, taking care to use media to ensure the widest possible awareness among the congregation, e.g. E-pistles, bulletin announcements, Minutes for Mission in worship, and posted updates in the sanctuary building.

— Design and lead efforts towards involving the Congregation as much as possible in participating in and growing its investment in this project. For example, bringing to the Congregation decisions that they can participate in such that the people of our church deepen their sense of this endeavor as an outgrowth, expression and future emphasis of our mission.

In accordance with the church’s bylaws the Joint Venture Ministry Team is not empowered to financially obligate the church, though normal office expenses, copying, postage etc… are allowed subject to normal review.


The Elders charge the Parking / Accessibility Ministry Team (Nancy Donohue, Kris Forrest, Adam Sherr,) with the following:

— Investigate parking possibilities that expand the capacity the “relaxed parking” affords us along 4th Street. The parking  / accessibility need is for Sunday and other special service / meeting / event parking. It also includes the parking needs during the week and other “off-times” when people come to church to volunteer, meet, drop off or pick up things, visit parishioners off-site. It could also include the needs of any staff or guests who need parking.

— There is a special concern for accessibility, for example for people coming to church for whom a block walk is too far. Depending on the solutions that are found, this could involve some sort of transportation to and from an off-site parking site. Or a few spaces on our property. Or some combination.

— The Parking / Accessibility Ministry Team should consult with Michael initially as he has leads on parking options both at the Constitution Center and the Arch Street Friends Meeting House.

— It is assumed that some of the possible options could involve a cost to individuals parking or a contribution / commitment / validation on the part of the church. While the Parking  / Accessibility Ministry Team is not authorized to enter into any agreements or financial commitments on the part of the church, it is empowered to investigate options with costs and enter into discussions of what said costs might be.

— Investigate possible ways that the city’s parking designations around the church, for instance, along Race Street in front of the church, might provide us with more parking. Possibilities include a curb cut and a no-stoppng drop off at the front of the redesigned brick plaza in front of the church and / or Sunday reserved “Old First worshipers only” spots. Obviously, the timing of such investigations need to follow ‘fit in with” the final design approvals for the new building.  

— Reach out to the congregations of St. Augustine’s and St. George’s to inquire as to their desire to partner with us in this endeavor to find parking for our collective church needs.

— Advocate with the Joint Venture Ministry Team that the final site design of the proposed site plan take into account Old First’s need for both accessible parking and drop-off accessibility for donations, food, clothing, etc.

— Keep the Elders and the Congregation regularly informed /apprised of its progress on investigation and findings.

— Bring back a recommendation to the Board of Elders / Congregation within six months of undertaking its work.  

In accordance with the church’s bylaws, the Parking / Accessibility Ministry Team is not empowered to enter into any contracts or in any way financially obligate the church, though normal office expenses, copying, postage etc… are allowed, subject to normal review.