Michael Away in Guyana Oct 24 to Nov 3

Michael Away in Guyana Oct 24 to Nov 3

Michael will be representing the UCC at the Caribbean and North American Council gathering of the World Communion of Reformed Churches in Georgetown, Guyana during the last weekend of October. Also representing the denomination will be the Rev. Karen Georgia Thompson, the UCC’s Ecumenical and Interfaith Officer and the Rev. Dave Gaewski, the NYConference Minister.

Michael was invited because he was part of the UCC‘s delegation in July 2017 (during his sabbatical in Sicily) to the WCRC‘s jubilee (every 7 years!)  meeting in Leipzig, Germany.

Michael was also invited because one of the foci of the upcoming gathering will be sexualities, families and the role of the church. Michael will be the presenter for how the church is dealing with sexuality in contemporary North America.

As well as business sessions and sharing sessions to learn about our various churches, the other program foci are: racism in the church; the Accra Confession— Lived Realities and the Possibilities for change in this region; and how can the church respond in an age of growing hopelessness?

The Sunday Michael will be away, October 28, is Reformation Sunday. We were to have the Rev. Cean James, the Penn SE Conference staff member for church development, preaching for us that Sunday, and afterwards leading us in a seminar on “Natural Chiurch Development.“ Unfortunately Rev. James schedule has changed, and he won‘t be able to be with us on that day. His “Natural Church Development“ seminar is rescheduled for after worship on Sunday, November 18.

The Rev. Bob Robinson will be our preacher on Reformation Day, Sunday, Oct.  28. Michael will return in time for the following Sunday, Nov. 4.