A Gifted Community… Can Inspire More Gifts (The Giving Tree!)

In the first week of our “Giving Tree” Stewardship Campaign, we were asked to name the gifts of others in our community that touch or inspire us.

While it’s hardly an inclusive list — in fact, as it happened in worship, it’s just sort of an accidental list, but maybe the gifts that inspire others, might also inspire us.


Adam for his energy

Adam for his commitment to church alongside of so many other commitments

All the members of my church family from whom I have benefited and been blessed

All glory goes to God

Barbara’s quiet presence

Barbara for serving faithfully on BOTH Saturday (at the cupboard) AND Sunday mornings (as an usher)

Betty for her Bible introductions each week

Blossom for her friendliness and spirit

Bobbie Benjamin and her compassion

Beth Manus and the organ

Beth W. for her initiative and hard work for our church

Beth W. for being where it makes a difference

Beth W. for being Beth

Beth W., for having her in our church

Beth W. for her law and ministry

Bob Polk for his friendship and inspiration

Choir for the music they make

Clark’s kindness and generosity of spirit

Dee Juah for her faithfulness

Emily M. and her words in worship and her asking prayers for her divorce

Esther for when she calls us “dear ones”

Esther for the way she leads worship (2x)

Fay and her singing

Gerry and her faithfulness to church

Grant for his voice

Greta for her friendliness and spirit

Greta for all she does

Guests in our shelter and how they keep going in tough situations

Harvey and Diane Thompson

Holly whose joyful spirit and love of music inspires us

Holly for her musicianship and her willingness to take an eclectic approach to her music ministry

Holly and the gift of music

Holly for her music

Holly for her blessing us with music

Holly for being Holly

Ibidun for her faith and openness

Jackie for the gift of visitation and caring

Jackie… like Suzanne wrote

Jane H. and the beautiful flowers she prepares for us

Jane W. and her care for Eli

Janice for all the projects and work she takes on around the church

Jonathan A. and his time and talents as our Moderator

Jon V. for keeping our books and our finances

Kathy for her attention to detail

Kristyn for her administrative work for us

Liz for her dedication to her nephew Aaron

Many people here

Margaret Rohdy for coming to my sister’s funeral

Margaret Rohdy for the racial dialogue

Margaret Rohdy for always being willing to offer support and advice as I start grad school

Maranda for her Sunday School teaching (2x)

Mark Steiner for whizzing up to every new person in his chair to greet them

Mark Strassbaugh for his historical tours

Michelle Obama — “when they go low, we go high”

Michael for understanding my crazy travel schedule and still being supportive of my faith

Michael for always having a wonderful sermon and making me laugh

Michael for things he does that we don’t even know to keep us together and keep this church going

Michael for reminding us with his life that Christianity isn’t just what you do at church, but also in the world

Mimi for her care of families at Old First and her care of families in greater Philadelphia

My children

My mom (Bethany H.)

Nancy D. for all she knows about our church history

Nancy H for her big heart and smiling face

New people who keep showing up… and joining the church

Peter Buxton for keeping the Hospitality teams functioning

Prince for all the reasons Mimi mentioned!

Rachel Maddow

Rochelle for being my sponsor and for her lovely laugh

Samantha For her lesson planning

Spencer Anderson for being an inspiration who motivates me

Richard and his singing voice

Suzanne Cole for sharing her amazing competence

Suzanne Cole for always making me feel welcome

Suzanne Cole for doing the little things that others don’t care to do and for being an amazing mom

Teetee Chea for her smile

Tony P. and his volunteer work in the office

Unsung heroes and their work around here

Yiwola for the Elder’s card ministry

Young families making Old First a part of their children’s lives