PA IPL 8th Annual PA to DC Bike Trip, May 10-15, 2019

“Pennsylvania Interfaith Power and Light is making plans for our 8th Annual PA to DC Bike Trip from May 10-15, 2019. For the second year in a row, we’ll have two groups, one originating in the State College area and one in the Philadelphia area, making the trip to raise a faith voice for action against climate change. This public statement of concern is also a fundraiser for PA IPL, and riders spend a day on Capitol Hill advocating for policies that will turn the tide of climate change and protect Creation and God’s most vulnerable people. This year, we hope to recruit more riders and still have a diverse group, so we are asking potential riders to fill out an application between now and January 28. The participants will be selected and make commitments by mid-February. The application form is at and gives much more information about the trip.”