3 Developments on Our Preparation for Construction

3 Developments on Our Preparation for Construction


1) Devan & Michael have finished the basic sorting of what was left in the Fox and CE buildings. They could now use help schlepping stuff over to the Sanctuary Building and finding places to store it away. It’s not really heavy work, though sort of dusty.

It would be most efficient for them, if teams of 2 -3 people could work with them for an hour to an hour and a half at a time. Can you find a co-worker or 2 and call us to make an offer of time you might come and help?

2) All the bricks except for the ones we need for the main walkway are up for grabs. (If we don’t find them new homes, they will end up crushed and in the landfill.) Michael started removing to see how difficult it is — they lift right out. In a reprise of May 2022’s FREE MARKET, the plan is to give them away, first to church members and friends, then to anyone. (There are also some Belgian Blocks / cobblestones for the taking. )

    1. If you want bricks or cobblestones, and can cart them away, let Michael know asap.
    2. We will soon advertise to the general public.
    3. Does anyone have a wagon or something similar — flatter than a wheelbarrow — that we could borrow that might make it easier to move bricks short distances?

3) Plants for the taking…

Most of the plants in and around the church will eventually be removed. The yard will be replanted after construction.

    1. If there are any plants that you would like to dig up and replant at home (or elsewhere), now is the time to let us know and get at it.
    2. There are Hosta to spare if anyone has a shady spot that needs a hardy perennial.
    3. A number of people have mentioned how beautiful the two hydrangeas in front of the CE Building are. We will try to root cuttings from them as a number of people have said they’d be interested. Essentially, we will all have clones of the bushes in the church yard – what a nice way to say thank you to all who have worked so hard on getting us this far with Old First House. Let Michael know if you would want one so he can figure out how many to root. They take about 6 to 8 weeks to get going…

Let’s finish getting ready for construction to begin!