April 15: Fish Fry AND Cascarones Party

April 15: Fish Fry AND Cascarones Party

Traditionally April 15 is tax day (but not this year when inexplicably, our taxes aren’t due until April 18?)

At Old First, the 15th will still be a special day this year:

~ midday we will be having our fundraising Fish Fry;
~ in the evening, we will be having a Cascarones Party.


FISH FRY: Part of our strategy for raising the money to keep the Shelter open in the month of April (despite the federal funding for homeless services that our partner, the Bethesda Project, still has not received) is to ask the men of our Shelter to prepare and market a fundraising meal.

…Like back in the days when Old First had monthly meals to raise money to pay off the mortgage we took out to restore our buildings when we moved back downtown, we are hoping that workers and residents in the neighborhood will come for lunch and support our cause.

Help us get the word out! Print out this flyer and hang it up at your local coffee shop or hand it out at your office!

The menu:
Fried Whiting, Mac and Cheese, Greens, Cole Slaw, French Fries. (Michael had Lenny and Tim’s fried fish when he stepped in as a last minute overnight supervisor on New Year’s Eve– and he gives it 4 stars!)

For $8, you can get a hearty “home-cooked” meal that will even fit within the strictures of meat-free Lenten Fridays. Eat at Old First or take-out; enjoy a tasty lunch or save it for dinner…

(If anyone wants to help by preparing Mac and Cheese or Greens for 200… the church is purchasing the groceries!)

If we can sell all 200 meals, we could make $1,000. towards covering our costs for the April Shelter. And 200 people who may not otherwise have paid our church much attention (sitting here staidly at 4th and Race as it always seems to have), might take notice right before Easter!

CASCARONES PARTY: Remember last Easter when Marjorie Wilhite stumbled on Cascarones at Reading Terminal Market and gave Michael two dozen, so that, during the time with the children, he cracked confetti eggs on all the kids’ heads?

And he said, “Next Easter, we’ll have a Cascarone for every worshiper?
Well, it’s time to make good on that promise.

What in the world are “Cascarones?”

Originating in China, “cascarones” are hollow eggs filled with something festive. They made it to Italy, and on to Mexico, from where they have entered the United States over our Southwestern border. What a delightful example of cross-cultural fertilization (pun intended).

They can be filled with perfume or bird seed or whatever (depending on the holidays they are helping to celebrate). Ours will be full of confetti. And a visible sign of Christ cracking death as he bursts forth from the tomb.

It is said that breaking cascarones over each others’ heads brings good luck. (The building committee will understandably say that they will occasion a need for Spring Cleaning in our sanctuary!) On Easter morning, we might also crack them in someone’s palm if they don’t want confetti in their hair.

But first we might make them. Not wanting to waste food, we’re going to make French Toast ahead of time for Easter breakfast (and freeze it). It’s a bit more complicated, because we need to crack the eggs carefully, only at their top ends. And wash them. And dye them!

So we are having a Cascarones party on Friday night, April 15. We will meet in the Kitchen at 6 pm. And we’ll order pizza or make ourselves some French Toast.

It’s a party open to all, but especially those with patience and a delicate touch. We won’t get the eggs filled and closed on Friday night, but if we get them cracked, washed, dyed, dried, we will be half way to Easter.

And imagine the baskets overflowing and colorful eggs being passed out as worshipers come into church on Easter morning. They just might make it easier to invite your friends to church for Easter, “Come to my church, where we’re going to have exploding confetti eggs for every worshiper.”