4 Ways to Help Old First Prepare for Advent/ Christmas

4 Ways to Help Old First Prepare for Advent/ Christmas

There are always different ways to be help around church:

1) Building the Crèche. Each year, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we take the components stored in the crypt and assemble the Crèche in the parking lot in front of the CE building. Mark W. And Keith H. head up the operation with the help of folks from our Saturday Breakfast and Cupboard. But they can always use more help. They get started about 8:30 a.m. If have questions, speak with Mark or Keith.

2) Making lunch for the Crèche builders. It’s a big job. And sometimes the weather is less than perfect. A group will gather to provide them with a hot lunch when they are finished. If you want to help provide this meal, please speak to Beth W, who is organizing it.

3) A Strip Party. With the temperature dropping, we want to make sure that our buildings are energy efficient (see this week’s E-pistle) — keeping out the cold and in the heat. It’s a weather stripping party. Think about places where our entries need some extra insulation. Join others to do some work from 11a.m. to 2 p.m. around the church. For more information, speak with Beth W.

4) Greening the Sanctuary. Nov. 29 is the first Sunday of Advent. While it will still be a few weeks before the poinsettias show up, as Advent opens, we make the Sanctuary over for Advent. we hang the greens. We put up the Christmas trees. And get the Advent Wreath ready for the Candle Lighting that marks our journey towards the Christ child’s birth. We will gather in the Sanctuary on Saturday, Nov. 28 @ 7 p.m. The middle school youth group will be there, but they can use more adult help. Please join us. If you have questions, please speak with Sarah or Adam s.