5 Year Old Donates Birthday to Our Outreach Ministries

5 Year Old Donates Birthday to Our Outreach Ministries

Pastor’s Note: Billi is back this academic year serving as our Outreach Coordinator while the church considers this staffing position going forward. Billi will be setting up a table regularly after worship so that people can find out more about our Outreach Ministries and how to get involved. And we need more people to help these days.… 

Recently, while out in Center City, one of our families noticed a person living in a tent. Their young son, Jackson, commented on what he witnessed. The young man had questions about why someone would live outside in a tent. His parents lovingly explained homelessness to him. Megan and Jonathan told him how Old First has a homeless shelter in the Social Hall. His little mind was blown! Jackson had more questions with each answer. He wanted to know where the men’s clothes were kept and how they took care of their things. Again, his parents explained that the guests don’t have a lot of space so most of the men don’t have many clothes.

Jackson decided for his birthday he wanted to buy clothes for the men of the shelter. Jonathan made a call to Pastor Caine to find out what sizes were most in need and off they went. The family bought several sets of clothes- shirts, pants, and socks. They will be bringing their donations on October 20th when the congregation will be sorting all the clothing items to make the transition to fall/winter clothing. The family will stay and sort for a while and talk about what it means that Old First has a men’s shelter. 

Can you donate pants and shirts in honor of young Jackson’s 5th birthday? What about donating your own birthday in honor of the guests of our Cupboard and Shelter? It only takes 2 minutes to set up a birthday event on Facebook naming Old First as the beneficiary. This is a great way to help us raise money to purchase the needed items for breakfast, Cupboard items, and shelter needs. 

We invite you to stay and sort with us on October 20th– and better yet, bring a pair of new or gently used men’s jeans or sweatpants with you! (Preferred sizes 36+ / Large+)