Monday Children's PlayGroup at Old First (open to all)

Monday Children's PlayGroup at Old First (open to all)

If you stop by Old First on Monday mornings, you’ll hear the shouts and laughter of babies and toddlers. Old First is hosting a new playgroup, every Monday morning from 9:15 AM to 12PM.

It’s a great way to use our renovated nursery and to provide a service to community members. The playgroup is open to everyone and is on a drop-in basis. Parents and caretakers are welcome to bring their kids for the entire morning or for just a part of it. Snack for the kids is provided by the adults on a rotating schedule.

We had our first playgroup on Monday, October 22, and it was a success. Six toddlers/babies between 11 months and 20 months old attended; snack, running, screaming, chalkboard wall art, and general (controlled) chaos reigned. We mainly stayed in the nursery but by the end of morning a few of the older toddlers were chasing each other around the social hall, screaming and giggling in excitement. It is a great use of the space!

Please spread the word about Old First’s playgroup, every Monday morning, 9:15 to 12PM. Interested parents and caretakers can contact me (my phone number and e-mail are in the on-line directory, or leave a message with Mindy in the office), or just show up next Monday.

In terms of supplies: we would love to have some big balls (beach balls, soccer balls, bouncy playground balls) for the kids to play with in the social hall. If you have any extra in the garage, basement, or attic, please consider donating to the new playgroup. Thank you!

Kristen Miller