Trying a Different Model for Youth Group(s) This Year

Trying a Different Model for Youth Group(s) This Year

As pastor and Community Life SLG leader, Michael and Suzanne have been thinking and talking a lot about youth group.

They’ve been working on a model that will separate our efforts into two age-defined focus groups and be somewhat different for the 5th-9th graders than for the 9th-12th graders (9th graders can decide for themselves which group they’d like to participate in, or do both).

To broaden the conversation, all kids in grades 5-12, plus their parents are invited to attend a short organizational meeting after worship on Sunday, October 28.

Also, we are trying to update the electronic mailing list for the youth group and their parents to include everyone who receives this message. If kids have an email address and their parents would like them to get the messages about youth group directly (as well as continuing to go the parents), please send Suzanne their address. If any parents or kids are not already on that list, they will be receiving an automated message acknowledging that they’ve been added to the group.

Looking forward to planning this Sunday! And thanks…