6 Words to Describe Your Identity: Adult Forum 10.13.13 @ 10 a.m.

6 Words to Describe Your Identity: Adult Forum 10.13.13 @ 10 a.m.

Last week in Adult Forum, we worked together to develop values and guidelines — a covenant for dialogue with one another really, particularly one that will help guide us through conversations in which difference is present in both challenging and exciting ways.

This Sunday, we will begin to delve into conversations about the relationship between our identities and our faith. Delilah Morrow will lead an activity inspired by NPR Report on Michelle Norris’s Race Card Project, which invites Americans to share their experience with race and cultural identity in six words.

Norris writes: “It was slow going at first. But within a month, about a third of the postcards I had given out made their way back to me — each freighted with emotion. ‘Change on counter, not in hand.’ ‘My great great grandfather owned slaves.’ ‘I see the sacred in you.’ ‘A terrible, unnecessary barrier against love.'”

Willing to share about her own experience and curious about others’ at Old First, Delilah will lead the session which will encourage us to reflect, using just 6 words, on our own identities – those that society chooses for us, those that we choose, and those that are ever-changing. Who are you demographically, spiritually, really?

For more about The Race Card Project, check out this article from the AARP.