Living the Questions, Sunday Mornings at 10 am!

Living the Questions, Sunday Mornings at 10 am!

Ever feel like the term “Christian” has been stolen—that it does not refer to you at all?

The conservative, literalist branches of Christianity are good at getting into the public eye and ear—so good that much of the public think that those branches define Christianity and what it means to be Christian. So good, in fact, that sometimes even progressive Christians that’s what it means to be Christian!

At the least, to many of us progressive Christians, it feels like the label, Christian, has been co-opted. We know what we don’t believe, and we’re sometimes a bit foggier about what we do believe. Or how we have gotten to that belief.

What many of us don’t know is how our personal understanding of faith relates to the Christian tradition. We aren’t sure how, as Christians who take the Bible seriously (but not literally), we believe how people can be divorced and remarried. or people can be gay and faithful, or why we believe in a women’s right to end a pregnancy. We are left wondering, or even questioning how our understanding relates to Christian tradition. Sometimes, we just do not have the explanations to understand how we interpret the tradition or how we can. Or we are without the words to express what it is we do understand.

Sound familiar?

This is where Living the Questions comes in. LTQ is an open-minded video and discussion series that shows how progressive Christianity is fully rooted in Christian tradition. It offers us tools for understanding how our faith, though definitely not literalist, takes the Bible seriously. It offers us tools for developing our faith, for understanding our faith, for interpreting the Bible, for learning from (and at times disagreeing with) the generations of Christian tradition that have proceeded us, and for relating to contemporary Christians we disagree with.

This Sunday adult forum begins the Living the Questions video & discussion series with Thinking Theologically. Topics to be discussed in the weeks following include Stories of Creation; Lives of Jesus; Out into the World: Challenges Facing Progressive Christians; The Prophetic Jesus; Evil, Suffering & a God of Love. And more…

Nancy Donohue will be the series first facilitator. She will pass the baton to Bob Schneider. And they are looking for one more facilitator to bring us all the way to Easter. Even if you haven’t been a regular — or ever attended Adult Forum — this might be the time to try it out…

Join us for thoughtful and challenging exploration at 10 a.m. each week in the Social Hall!