84 Seats Open Around our Lenten Sunday Supper Table

84 Seats Open Around our Lenten Sunday Supper Table

One Sunday in Lent would you join other Old Firsters, hopefully people from our community you know less, for a family dinner? Just one Sunday– late afternoon or early evening for Supper!

We have 14 people so far, who are going to open their homes and prepare meals. That’s about 84 seats around the figurative Lenten Sunday Supper table. But each meal an intimate one of about 6 people.

Now we need to make the assignments– who is going to whose home on which Sunday.

Everyone is being asked to make room in their busy schedules for one Sunday Supper before Easter. (Clearly we are a community many times bigger than 84! If more people want to come to Supper, we’ll just draft more families to host meals…)

Why? Because we are a growing community that has a wonderful struggle– continuing to build and strengthen relationships in our dynamic congregation. The power and support come as we relate deeply to one another. Mysteriously, our relationships with each other can even strengthen our relationship with God.

So, go to dinner. Enjoy good food and better company. Meet or get to know better some new people from church.

After the meal, we’ll have a short devotional exercise. Each Supper will end by exchanging “lenten gifts” (something not very expensive that you had at home that you are willing to give up) and sharing a story from your life.

Sign up HERE / NOW, so we can begin arranging the Suppers and get you word. (There will also be an invitation in the bulletin this Sunday– you can return it in the offering plate to let us know you want to come to a Lenten Sunday Supper.