We Just Keep Calling (and racking up jobs and education voters who commit to May 20)

We Just Keep Calling (and racking up jobs and education voters who commit to May 20)

I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all the people who have been involved in these first two weeks with our phone canvassing — either staying after to make calls on Sunday or sticking around to get trained and pick up a few call sheets to make some from home during the week!

Remember: we informing people in the church’s council district about 1) an amendment that will extend 21st Century wages (150% of the federal minimum wage) to employees of all subcontractors with the city; and 2) making a Fair and Full Funding Formula for resourcing schools across the state something that every candidate in the primary this Spring and running for governor in the fall must deal with.

I’m so pleased to share that Old First has already completed 14 volunteer shifts (or over 30 hours) in this voter engagement campaign and made over 800 phone calls to voters in Philly! And we’re only 2 weeks in!

Last week, 7 Old First volunteers (the home callers together with a few of us at the phone bank on Sunday 3/23) made 374 calls and had 37 conversations with unlikely voters. 20 of these voters support a full and fair funding formula for education, 19 support the ballot measure, and 20 committed to vote.

So far, that means we have 38 unlikely voters committed to going to the polls on May 20! To assure ourselves they’ll really get to the polls, we want to try and make contact with them two more times before May 20. And we have 162 unlikely voters still to reach and convince to commit to coming out to the polls. Inching our way there, one phone call at a time!

If everyone completes their calls this week, we’ll add over 300 more phone calls to our total and most importantly have many more actual conversations with unlikely voters.

Also, this week those of us who felt comfortable began leaving messages with voters, which hopefully may increase our rate of getting in touch with voters in the coming months as well as raising voters’ awareness about the upcoming ballot measure in particular.

So again THANK YOU for making this happen!

(For anyone with sheets filled out at home, please bring them to church so you can hand them off to me during the fellowship time and we can get the data entered promptly!

Also, please encourage your friends at church to consider taking a volunteer shift. Old First is farther than most congregations in its calling, but at the Voter Engagement Oversite Committee this week, Michael heard of other congregations doing a great job of getting more people — inside and outside of their congregations — to sign up for a session of calling. Could you get a group you are part of in the church or outside the church to make some calls (we can train you easily).

Both you and friends can sign up to help in future weeks on-line using this link.

Did I mention, thank you? 🙂

Hannah C. (phone canvassing organizing leader)