A 210 Year Old Sunday School Legacy

A 210 Year Old Sunday School Legacy

As current Director of our Christian Education program, I received with a sense of responsibility and honor the news that the Sunday school here at our church was established as far back as 1806 (April 14 to be exact). To be a part of such a long standing legacy is inspiring and humbling.

To put it in a bit of historical perspective, the Philadelphia Water Works had just started sending water through its pipes 5 year earlier, and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts opened its doors just two years before our church began its Sunday School Program!

I hope in our own small way as teachers today we are creating smiles on the faces of those souls who walked before us,  generations of those who so long ago stood before a classroom of eager children and helped them on their spritual journey. Of course, no teacher can be solely responsible to fully educate the children in our beloved church. We have been blessed with a supportive congregation and warm and embracing parents who encourage and appreciate us.

Thank you from all of the teachers at Old First, and thank you to all those who paved the way for us.

Here’s to the next 210 years!

Yours in Christ,