A Call for McCall–Please Help Our Neighborhood School

A Call for McCall–Please Help Our Neighborhood School

Years ago, Old First adopted the General George A. McCall School as a partner in the Philadelphia School District.  Bobbie Benjamin, an Old First member, is the McCall’s school nurse and the school is in proximity to Old First (325 S. 7th Street). It serves a lot of the local children in Chinatown and other parts of the surrounding neighborhoods.  This is the school where many of us have gone to read for Dr. Suess’ Birthday (honestly, a day I personally look forward to each and every year) and they have had some fun cultural fundraisers in which our members have participated.

Well, as you have heard from Julie, from the news, and probably from others, the Philadelphia School System’s budget is in massive disarray.  The political and procedural process to solve some of these issues will probably take some time.  BUT, the CHILDREN, the TEACHERS, and the SCHOOLS are being held as pawns in the process and they need our help!

The McCall School’s budget for office supplies for the year is $0.00. They need the basic supplies to run a school and to perform classroom activities.  While you are shopping in the next few weeks, can you get a little extra?  Or maybe you see your local office supplies store is having a sale and you can buy something.  Can you ask friends to do the same??

I will be in the Lower Narthex on 9/15 and 9/22 (and after, if I need to) to collect these supplies and then we will arrange them to be delivered to McCall.  The list of items needed is below:

  • copy paper! This is a large need for copies and printing!
  • large paper clips
  • white-out
  • construction paper (all colors)
  • scotch tape
  • index cards – large or small
  • file folders
  • tissues
  • fax machine
  • printer toner for a Lexmark (64015SA for models T640, T642, and T644)

Thanks in advance and please pray for McCall, and for the entire Philadelphia public school system.

Adam S.