A Delay on the Congregational Meeting

A Delay on the Congregational Meeting

Folks who have been reading the E-pistle newslinks carefully might remember that we had announced that there would be a congregational meeting after worship on June 30.
If you are really organized, you might have even marked your calendar.

That meeting planned by the Elders was to handle two items of business:

1) Vote on the Rev. Dr. Geneva Butz becoming our Pastor Emerita, and
2) Amend our 2013 budget (primarily because of the significant additional income/expenses occasioned by the new YASC program).

But you may have noticed that we haven’t made the required public announcement in worship for the last two weeks. That was not an oversight, so much as a sign of our not being ready for the meeting.

Unfortunately, the materials for this congregational meeting are not yet prepared. We hope they will be ready soon, and as soon as they are, they will be shared with the congregation and a new date set for the congregational meeting.

If you have any questions, please speak with Larry Waddell, our moderator.