A Future with Hope – Stewardship 2023

A Future with Hope – Stewardship 2023

A Future with Hope–Stewardship Campaign for 2023

Wow, we’ve been busy!

  • A renovated sanctuary that highlights its historic architecture while modernizing its practical features.
  • A strong partnership that will provide housing for neighbors facing homelessness as well as improved office and meeting space for our congregation
  • Ongoing ministries for those facing food insecurity, for caring for one another, for Christian education, and for worship & music.

All in a time of great uncertainty and upheaval.

As we look toward our grand 300th anniversary in 2027, let’s take time to imagine a Future with Hope. What do you hope for Old First as we step into our next century?

During our Stewardship Campaign for 2023, we encourage you to prayerfully consider what you pledge to the congregation, both in terms of your volunteer commitment and your financial resources. Over several weeks, you’ll hear from fellow Old Firsters to inspire you to reflect on these two questions:

  1. Imagine you’re at lunch with a friend who has never been to Old First. They ask you why you go to church there. What do you say?
  2. What is one thing you’d like Old First to commit to in the future (leaving aside the issue of housing for the homeless, since that is a mission that we are already pursuing)?

Between now and November 20, we ask you to consider your answers to these questions as you prepare your pledge for 2023. Please complete THIS FORM in advance of Stewardship Sunday on November 20. 

Together we will step into a Future with Hope.