A Houseguest Staying at Church (starting 03.23)

A Houseguest Staying at Church (starting 03.23)

As many of you already know, one of our members, Kristen, is expecting her 2nd baby at the end of March. Her mom, Helen, is planning on spending two weeks to one month in Philadelphia helping out with soon-to-be older sister Freja and the new baby.

You may or may not know, but Kristen, Hans and Freja live on a boat at the marina on the Delaware at the end of Race Street. There they will be joined by the new baby.

But there won’t really be the extra room on the boat for a grandmother/mom/mother-in-law. Instead, Helen will be staying in one of the rooms above the office in the Fox Building for the duration of her stay, starting on March 23.

You may recognize Helen from her previous visits to Old First (she usually worships with us when she is in town), but if you don’t already know here, here’s a secretly: she looks very much like Kristen, but a few years older, like an older sister. Feel free to extend a hello if you bump into her at church or in the neighborhood. And ask how mom and baby (and dad and sister too) are doing.

Additionally, a request: there is a double fold-out bed available at the church for her to sleep on, but it is a little hard. Does anyone have a mattress topper, a thin futon mattress, foam egg crates, etc. that could make it a little more comfortable? If you have something, let Kristen or Mindy know. Thank you!