A Lot Going on for All Saints Sunday

A Lot Going on for All Saints Sunday

There’s always a lot going on at church. I mean, how can there not be when we gather to thank God for all that God has done for us? It is said “every Sunday is a little Easter.”

And there’s so much happening in each of us. And among us. And in the world all around us. And all of that comes together with God in church… 

But this week might still be extraordinary: 

~ We have All Saints Sunday with Holy Communion, a beloved feast day for our congregation where we remember those who have gone before us, but without whom we could not be who we are. We are always standing on someone’s shoulders.  

~ We are tiptoeing into using the new A/V system!!! (And I mean tiptoeing, explained below.) 

~ We will be sending ourselves into an eventful week for our nation with the choices before us on the ballot in these midterm elections (we and this nation could use a special blessing for such a time as this…)

~ If that’s all not enough, remember that the time changes Saturday night— turn your clocks back so you arrive at church on time. 



Before you get to church, could you spend some quiet time bringing to mind those you wish to honor in our service. You might also want to bring a photo of the person you are remembering. (Yes, I realize that we all have photos on our cell phones and that could work two!) In worship, we will be asked to name (and show) our saints, with a sentence of thanksgiving for what they have given you. People online from home will be able to participate too, with people in the Sanctuary to see and hear them as they share. 

It’s another Organ Sunday — with special music for this sacred day! 



Yesterday, I wrote to the Audio Visual technician to check on the replacement TV. And I asked him if maybe we shouldn’t be using what we have to begin learning the A/V system? 

He responded that the TV is still back-ordered, but he could be there that very day for the first training session. Woody was free and agreed to learn the system and then teach others who want to become part of our Tech Team.

It seems like it will take 3 trainings to get us “sort of up to speed” for doing the basics on the A/V system. And a few months after that to get things going smoothly. It’s complicated enough that our learning is not going to be without some clumsiness and mistakes. But how else might we learn? And we’ve been through that before…

But Woody tells me that all we are going to be able to do with the system is very exciting. And that we can get started this Sunday, beginning to rely on it for our zoom broadcast and integrating its capacities into our worship service. Pray for us!  And know we are counting on your forgiveness while we feel our way into new technology. 



“Singing City” is having their fall concert in our Sanctuary Sunday afternoon soon after our worship. (You can get tickets at the door if you have not already bought them.) 

The chairs will be rearranged for their concert. Our chancel will be cleared and risers will be in place for their singers. I have figured out how we will do All Saints and Communion around all this! 



Who doesn’t know that election day is Tuesday? 

Who doesn’t know that the safety of our neighbors (and some of us!) and the security of our democracy are on the ballot. 

I have spent the last two weeks with Muslim, Jewish and Christian clergy crisscrossing the state warning people about the danger that White Christian Nationalism poses. It threatens our Black and Brown neighbors. And our Muslim and Jewish neighbors, and the religious freedom that has been the bedrock in this state and country. It threatens LGBT folk and our queer families. It threatens our public schools. Our healthcare. Our votes. This election is about the 2024 Presidential race. And the climate for generations to come.… Justice and democracy are on the chopping block. 

Beloved, this is not just another election for candidates whose tenure won’t make much of an appreciable difference. 

Our Benediction this Sunday will be a poem by Judy Chicago that we will speak together in unison. 

I hope that’s not the last time you pray about the decisions we will be making as a nation this week. I hope it’s not the last thing you will do about the election. 

Go out and vote! And make sure to encourage others to vote, especially those who might not get there without you. People have died so we can vote. People could die because of our vote or failure to vote. This election is that crucial. 



It’d be a special blessing if a good group of us could gather in the sanctuary and be with those online in a new way….