A Message from the Elders

A Message from the Elders

The Co-Moderators of the Elders, Bobbie and Julie, wrote earlier about the possibility of renovating the Sanctuary while we are not using it. 

Now, having done some investigation — getting some reliable price quotes for the work envisioned — the Elders (at their September meeting) approved going ahead with next steps. 

The project — redoing the floors, painting the walls, redesigning the front chancel, and adding an attic fan to lighten the load on the a/c and to make the ceiling’s “sunburst” a functioning ventilator again — are more within our financial reach than we expected. We do, however, still need to raise the money as well as develop the specifics of our renovation plans.  

The elders have empowered two committees to begin with these next steps: 

First, Janice, as our Elder with the most building knowledge, has been asked to head up a committee to actually begin working on plans for the renovation. No process for their work has been determined yet, but tentatively the idea is to have plans ready to consider by the Annual Meeting. 

Second, Suzanne, as the Stewardship Director, has been asked to gather a committee and develop a fundraising plan for this work. 

Because of the need for storage for the pews while the Sanctuary is being worked on, that work could not begin before the end of the shelter season, so that we could use the Social Hall as storage. Work on the attic fan, if we move ahead with that part of the project, would presumably be done prior to May 1 and painting the Sanctuary. 

If you have questions or concerns, or want to be involved, please speak to one of the Elders.