A Moveable Feast: Transposed Worship on 04.22 and 04.29 (updated 04.26)

A Moveable Feast: Transposed Worship on 04.22 and 04.29 (updated 04.26)

(Pastor’s Note: Earlier this week, it looked as if this Sunday, April 29, was also to be a washout. But as of Thursday morning, the weather forecast is for sunny skies and 64 degrees, which seems like it could work for an outdoor service! I will keep my eye on the forecast and have an alternative up my sleeve, if necessary, but weather permitting, look forward to worshiping in the front courtyard for Earth Day this week.)

We were scheduled to have outdoor worship on Sunday, April 22 for Earth Day. But the weather forecast is for rain all weekend, and heavy rain on Sunday. Not exactly the day to plan worship in the front courtyard! What to do?

Fret? Feel like the sky has fallen (a good metaphor in this case!)? Get all resentful? Insist that we’ll worship with umbrellas if we have to, because, by God, we’re not going to change our plans for anything?


Relax. Be flexible. Go with the twists and turns that life delivers, trusting that they don’t have to throw us off course so much as reminding us that the world is much bigger than us and that we do well to go with the flow.

Isn’t this the Zen spirit that our Revitalization efforts have been trying to teach us anyway? Beloved, trust me. No, better, trust God: it will all be all right. Not like we planned, But if we are creative, open to God, willing to be changed, can’t we believe that it will turn out as God meant it to be? Not only can we still be faithful in the face of changed circumstances, but we can actually learn something from letting go…

Wow, that was a lot of theologizing just to say:

I’ve prepared two services, one for Earth Sunday, and one for Good Shepherd Sunday. And I will get two sermons ready.

If the weather is nice, we will celebrate the former on its appointed day, April 22. But if it’s rainy, we will “move the feast” (to borrow a phrase from the more liturgical churches).

In case of rain, we will be in the sanctuary celebrating Good Shepherd Sunday. (And our prayers then will include our petitions that the weather cooperates on April 29, so we can be outdoors!)

We’ll be fine (which might be a modern paraphrase of “It is well with my soul.”)…

— Michael