A New "Realm" is Coming (Online photo directory)

A New "Realm" is Coming (Online photo directory)

“I’m really good at remembering names.” Said no one, ever.

Really, have you ever known anyone to say that they are good at remembering names? Some people are better at it than others, of course. But remembering the names of new people in our lives is not really easy for anyone.

Old First is a growing congregation, so there are always new people to meet. Soon we’ll have a new tool to help us get to know one another and stay connected. It’s called “Realm.”

In early April, you’ll receive an email from Realm inviting you to sign up. It takes just a few moments to go through the registration process (we’ve already tested it with a small group of Old Firsters, and they found the process quite simple) Realm will replace our current electronic mailing list system, BigTent. I think you’ll find it much easier to use, and with more helpful information.

This is Old First, so I can’t make you sign up! But I hope that when you receive the email notification in early April, you’ll take 30 seconds to click on the link and create a password for yourself.

Once registered in the Realm system, you’ll be able to find contact information and photos for everyone in our congregation. And communicate with your ministry teams and fellowship groups.

So watch your email for more information in early April.

– Suzanne